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Health & Safety Consultancy Services

The Health & Safety at Work Act, along with other legislation and codes of practice place duties on employers and others to provide a safe place of work. More often than not these duties can appear to be onerous and time consuming for any business; seeming to create an overwhelming wall of bureaucracy.

Good health & safety systems should be appropriate to the undertaking and embedded into company culture. Working in harmony with the company and individuals, allowing them to work without feeling overburdened by paperwork

Our consultancy services are here to support your business to achieve this. Whether it be a single Health and Safety policy review or an all-encompassing safety management system we can help. We provide the expertise your company needs in order to implement a bespoke robust Health & Safety system, not only keep employees and others safe, but helping to significantly reduce overheads and the hidden costs associated with incidents.

Whatever you need, Fast R Solutions have the skills and experience to help you overcome the issues you face.

We help you define your requirements, then help plan, write and implement systems with the minimum of fuss, including: -

  • Preparation of Health & Safety policies and arrangements
  • Emergency preparedness (First aid, Fire evacuation etc)
  • Accident and Incidents (accident recording, accident investigation)
  • Preparation of Risk Assessments & Method Statements
  • Completion of Fire Risk assessments
  • Completion of Training Registers; Training Gap Analysis
  • Legal registers etc.

In fact, everything a company would need for a suitable safety management system tailored to your needs.

Policies & Procedures

Well written and appropriate Health and Safety policies and procedures are the backbone of a good safety management system. Getting these wrong can potentially leave the company or individuals exposed should something go wrong. Which is why generic templates and policies written by the non-specialist who “sort of knows what is needed” are a ticking time bomb

Our consultancy services can help you avoid the pitfalls when creating a set of policies and procedures for your company. We take the time to understand your business, your people and your culture to create policies and procedures bespoke to your needs.

Our consultants have experience in both manufacturing environments and service industries which allows us to quickly get to grasp with the task at hand. Find out more about how we can help here.


Competent Person

Good Health & Safety practices embed themselves in to the day to day operations, but they still need to be maintained, monitored and kept under review. If, like many others, you don’t need full time Safety Professional but could do with the expertise offered as and when required then our Competent Person service is the just the thing.

Giving you all the expertise and support you need to maintain a safe workplace. It provides, among others, the following benefits: -

  • Allows you to define Fast R Solutions as your Competent Person,
  • provides regular site visits & Ad Hoc telephone/email support and
  • free training course(s).

All for a fixed yearly fee meaning you can control your budget as well as your safety needs.


Risk Assessments

Every company needs to undertake "Suitable and Sufficient assessments of the risks their employees and others may be exposed to". Many companies find completing these Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS) can be a daunting prospect.

  • Complexity
  • fear of missing something
  • time constraints and time to complete
  • belief they will stop you completing the task

Are some of the reasons used by companies to overlook the need to complete &provide these vital documents.Without these the impact of an incident on the company can be catastrophic.

Our Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS) writing service can provide you with suitable and sufficient RAMS to minimise the risks. Find out more about how we can help


Safety Reviews

Do you already have a safety management system in place? Have a nagging doubt that you have missed something?

Even if you are not looking to gain accreditation's having an expert second opinion can help identify any weaknesses or missing areas in your management system. Having a regular check up can also help you remain compliant and up to date with new legislation or codes of practice.

Our auditors are not only Health & Safety specialists but also fully trained Auditors who will

  • help define the scope of the review
  • gather the appropriate data
  • complete a written report and present the findings

Allowing you to implement any suggested improvements improvement and within a timescale suited to your needs. Ultimately giving you evidence of continuous improvement and a robust, efficient management system.


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