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23rd June 2015
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Trust, Ethics and Clients

A fire risk assessor works on behalf of the client. Looking at their fire safety arrangements, management and the property in order to identify anything that does not meet current legislation, approved codes of practice and guidance in order to make appropriate recommendations for improvement.

Many fire risk assessors work for companies that also have other value added services which could prove to be profitable to the company that pays their wage. Maintenance regimes, detection systems, training, signs, etc. the list goes on and on.

  • So are assessors influenced by their employers need to turn a profit?
  • Are they pressured by internal politics and the need to find other sales routes?
  • Or how about when your fire risk assessor also sells and services fire safety equipment.
  • Are they recommending the installation of detection systems because they are needed or because they may get a sale?
  • Are the maintenance regimes they recommend really necessary?

Questions like these can raise doubts in the mind of the client making for an uneasy relationship and distrust. So how can the client ensure they are getting appropriate and reasonable advice from a fire risk assessor and not being subtle pressured in to buying something they do not actually need?

Using an independent fire risk assessor is one way to try and minimise the possibility. One that is not susceptible to the business politics or who works on a commission basis. One that has no other services to offer; easier said than done, even my own company offers additional services.

Independents can also be more cost effective for the assessment process, give the client a sense of control over the proceedings, and provide a personalised service. After all they need to be exceptional at customer relations in order to stay in business.

Companies offering an inclusive service, and there are many good ones out there, can provide a one stop shop for all the fire safety needs. Taking care of everything from the risk assessment to maintenance of fire safety systems.

Whether using an independent assessor or an inclusive service provider the fire risk assessor should offer the client peace of mind and therefore trust is an important factor in the relationship. Trust they are going to act in an ethical and moral way and not abuse their position to sell something that is not required.

After all if you cannot trust the person or company doing your assessment how are you going to believe they have the safety of you and your family at heart?

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