Fire Doors

23rd January 2023 saw the introduction of a piece of legislation called the Fire Precautions, England - The Fire Safety (England)Regulations 2022. It was introduced to address fire safety failures in which led to Grenfell Tower disaster and applies to:

“a building which contains two or more sets of domestic premises, and which contains common parts through which residents would need to evacuate in the case of an emergency in the case of an emergency, must provide the required information about fire doors to the residents of the building.”

The responsible person…must use best endeavours to undertake checks of fire doors at the entrances of individual domestic premises in the building at least every 12 months.

Regardless of the legal requirements it is a good idea to ensure fire cannot spread throughout the building.

Apartment doors

‍Should provide protection from the uninvited; they should also offerprotection from smoke and fire in other parts of the building or getting intothe escape route if you are unlucky enough to have a fire in your apartment.

Communal doors

‍Restrict the passage of smoke and fire from one area of a building toanother effectively providing a barrier to keep people safe and minimise damageto the property.

Cupboard doorsLike communal doors they are designed to restrict the passage of smoke andfire from the cupboards into the corridors and stairwells to ensure the way outof the building is free of smoke and fire for a given length of time.

When should they be checked?

Doors should be inspected annually to comply withlegislation. It is recommended this is done by a qualified person with thecorrect levels of knowledge & experience to ensure you receive the correctadvice.

Buildings above 11meters in height should have the doors incommunal areas, including cupboards etc, inspected at least on a quarterlybasis.

What we do?

Our trained & qualified assessors complete a multipoint inspectionrecorded on our custom built application.

Each door get an individual report highlighting any issuesto be addressed along with photographic evidence and suggestions on how thoseissues can be addressed.

Why choose us?

First and foremost we are a fire safety consultancy only, wedo not complete repairs, nor do we sell or install doors. Our unbiased reportstherefore only highlight what needs to be done not what we my make money from.

If you are a property management company or responsible fora large building, you need to know what the issues are quickly. Our custombuilt application allows us to provide complete reports within 48 hours of theassessors visit.

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