Meet Sam: The Office Manager

Meet Sam: The Office Manager

June 30, 2020

Sam has been with us since February 2020. Before joining us she studied Art and Business before going on to work in a diverse range of customer facing roles including food and retail outlets. During this time Sam honed her customer service skills and was frequently commended for upholding the reputation of her employers.

In her spare time Sam has a passion for art, creating digital work utilising her artistic skills and unique style. Sam monetised her talent by branding and selling her artwork via social media platforms. When not working or drawing Sam enjoys playing video games on the Nintendo Switch and watching her favourite films & TV shows.

Fun Facts

  • Favourite Music: David Bowie, Queen, Jamie T, basically anything flamboyant and 80s
  • Age:21 (and 1/12th) – officially an adult but doesn’t want to be
  • Top Three Films: Pulp Fiction, Coraline, Clueless
  • Favourite TV Show: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Superpower: Microscopic attention to detail
  • Special Skills: Creativity
  • Favourite Form of Exercise: Does walking to the fridge count?
  • Biggest Flaw: Putting her feet up on the bloody furniture! (To the annoyance of the boss)
  • Biggest Fear: Running out of blue hair dye
  • Pet Peeve: Laziness
  • Guilty Pleasure: Eggy Bread

Since joining Fast R Solutions in February, Sam has used her creative skills and logical approach to help organise office operations, raise brand awareness and hone client facing services. Sam has a relentless determination to work hard and succeed which has helped her to become a much-valued member of the Fast R Solutions team.

Personal Ambitions

  • Have her own house with a studio room in it for her art
  • Learn to drive
  • Reach what Sam calls ‘pore level’ in her art. This means she will be able to improve her talent to the point where all the fine details (like pores) are perfected in her work.

Professional Ambitions

  • Gain the skills, qualifications and knowledge that will help further her career
  • Refine her sales & marketing skills in order to grow the company’s client base
  • Assist in growing the company so that we can take on more employees to better serve our clients

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