Smoke & Fire Alarms for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Smoke & Fire Alarms for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing

June 10, 2022

For anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing may have varying levels of sensitivity to sounds.  Some conventional alarm sounders may be detected, but many people find the higher frequencies produced by most smoke and heat alarms less detectable.

There might be a need to install a smoke alarm that is interconnected with other smoke alarms in the property or an alarm sounder in the bedroom. However, for some, audible alarms could be insufficient to alert them in the event of a fire especially whilst sleeping, therefore, other means of warning them would be necessary.

Any system of smoke alarms should be of the appropriate grade conforming to Clause 9 of BS 5839-6.

Whatever fire warning system is implemented it should be tailored to the individual needs of the person for whom it is intended. An assessment should be completed for each person who require the system. The outcomes of the assessment will determine the measures to be taken to give an adequate and appropriate warning in all appropriate rooms and areas within the premises/property.

Where the system needs to warn the person who is awake, a visual alarm device should be installed in their main room. If the person needs to be alerted whilst asleep devices such as; a vibrating pad under their pillow or mattress are available, but must conform to the relevant requirements of BS 5446-3

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