Safety Audit

Safety Audit

Safety Audit is important if you already have a safety management system in place. Do you have a nagging doubt that you have missed something? Or are looking for a second opinion?

Even if you are not looking to gain accreditation's having an expert second opinion will help identify strengths, weaknesses or areas lacking in control within your management system. It is a good idea when new or updated polices are introduced to ensure they have the expected results. Also having a regular check up can help maintain compliance whilst ensuring you remain up to date with changes in legislation or codes of practice.

Why have a Safety Management Audit?

Safety Management Systems are like all other business processes; they need to be tweaked and modified over time to ensure they remain suitable and effective. Just as sales pitches, production techniques and stock management systems grow and evolve with a company so should the Safety Management Systems. It is however, a sad fact that these systems are bottom of the pile when it comes to updates.

Shortcomings in Safety Management Systems can be costly should something go wrong, especially when fines and all the other costs are added up. Courts are now able to impose unlimited fines and imprisonment for breaches of Health & Safety regulations. See HSE Guidance here On the other hand you may be going well beyond what is deemed reasonable, potentially wasting valuable resources on something you need not be doing.

A safety management review will usually identify simple, cost effective resolutions that could actually save you money. The Health & Safety Executive have a section on their website dedicated to Delivering Effective Arrangements based around the Plan, Do, Check, Act process; but it is easy to get wrong if you don’t know what those arrangements should be.

Our approach

An honest and open approach by both parties is important; clients need to be confident in our approach in order to get the best from the audit. It is not done to catch anyone out.

  • Defining the reasons, scope and required outcome for the review
  • Identification of stakeholders and other interested parties
  • Desktop review of current policies, procedures and systems
  • Gather the appropriate supporting data via Interviews, observations and inspections
  • Collate evidence and notes then prepare the report
  • Presentation of the the findings and suggestions for improvement

We then give you time to implement any suggested improvements within a reasonable timescale suited to your needs. Ultimately providing you evidence of continuous improvement and a robust, efficient safety management system.

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