Safety Signs

Safety Signs

Fire & safety signs may be one of the items most overlooked and inappropriately installed safety features in any building.

  • Over looked because most buildings have plethora signs which results in 'signs blindness', people no longer see or look at them and the message is lost.
  • Inappropriate because they can cause confusion if the overall objective is not kept in mind and contradictory signs are installed.

To overcome these issues we offer a safety signs audit, supply and installation service. The full service includes

  • Site visit
  • Completion of an outline plan of the building marked with required signs.
  • Site report detailing signs, quantities and locations of signs.
  • Procurement of signs to the aesthetic standards you require
  • Return visit to site to install the signs

Some may see this service as an unnecessary exercise, we believe this service can save you money by only installing what you actually need rather than what you think you need.

What do the signs colours mean?

Safety signs are colour coded in order to make them easier to understand.


Red safety signs (usually a red border) are Prohibition signs stating that something should not be done; for example 'No Smoking' signs etc


Blue safety signs are Mandatory signs stating what Must be done; for example 'Fire Door' signs


Yellow safety signs are Warning signs to provide information on hazards etc that cannot easily be controlled; for example 'Caution Hot Water' signs.


Green safety signs are usually 'Fire safety information; for instance the 'Running Man' signs indicating the fire escape routes.

Do I need Fire Action Notice?

That all depends on the property and how big it is.

Small residential blocks with 2-4 apartments may not benefit form the installation of a Fire Action Notice. But residents should be informed on the actions to take in the event of a fire.

Larger residential blocks, public buildings, commercial premises, factories etc should display appropriate Fire Action Notices in order to provide information to relevant persons in the event of a fire.


Fire Action Notices should comply with BS 5499-2:1986 Fire safety signs, notices and graphic symbols.

Fast R Solutions always recommend Fire Action Notices use graphical symbols rather than written notices. This helps those who cannot read the text understand what is required

Fire Door Signs

All fire doors should be indicated by signs.

These are usually round and blue in colour. The colour is important as it denotes the instructions are Mandatory

Pedestrian Fire Doors

Pedestrian fire doors (those in corridors etc) must display a 'Fire Door Keep Closed' on both sides of the door. Doors that are held open by automatic holders must display Automatic Fire Door Keep Clear.

Other fire doors

Service risers, plant rooms and cupboards must display Fire Door Keep Locked' on the outside face of doors.

Final exit doors

Final exit fire doors are those that should only be used in the event of an emergency. These must display a 'Fire Exit Keep Clear' on the outside of the door.

Do I Need No Smoking Signs?

The simple answer is Yes

Any enclosed area that is not a domestic premise should display No Smoking signs in accordance with the Smoke Free Regulations 2006

Within blocks of apartments it is recommended that signs state No Smoking in the communal areas this helps prevent confusion for the residents.

Signs Placement

Signs should be placed at all entrances to the buildings; this includes out side the entrances to under-croft car parks. Additional signs should be placed throughout the building if there is a specific need

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